Critiquing Assessment


Student work samples can be accessed from the NSW Board of Studies Assessment Resource Centre

at These are examples of students’ work which preservice teachers

will be required to critique in this assessment item.

Students are asked to access 3 work samples – from different stages. 


Relevant syllabus documents are required for this task.

Critique the following unit activities and accompanying student work samples. Note: a total of

THREE activities must be completed. 

In each example, the description of the activity (and related stage), prior learning, related syllabus

outcomes and the student’s achievement regarding this unit of work are available within the website.

In completing this task the following TWO sections must be addressed:

1.Examine each of the following activities of work and accompanying work samples critiquing the

strengths and weakness of the student’s work for each assessment item linked to outcomes and provide

remedial, extension or consolidation teaching and learning activities suitable to advance the academic

needs for each of these (3) students.The teaching and learning activities need to be explicitly targeted

at the identified need prioritised as the most important. 

Word length 250 -500 words for each item.

2. Explain how assessment is used for learning, as learning and of learning in relation to the work

samples by outlining which types of assessment are employed in each. How will you assess your

planned activities to ensure the students attained the targeted outcomes? 

Word length 500-1000 words 

Note: Please attach work samples and web reference to your assignment.

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