Critical Situational Analysis and Business Justification

Choose one brand from the following:


      Horlicks, Est 1873                Coleman’s Mustard Est 1814









Important:  It is the original branded article that you must choose. Once you have chosen the brand you cannot change it.  Therefore, you need to do some preliminary research to help you make your choice.



You are to adopt the role of a Brand Analyst.  For your chosen branded article conduct a critical situational analysis (i.e. PRESTCOM) in which the branded article belongs. Mintel and/or Keynote must be utilised along with other secondary sources, see the module handbook for other sources. 

Note – you are to analyse the UK market only




Based upon your critical situational analysis you must demonstrate a need for a brand extension and provide a business related justification as to why your chosen branded article should be extended.  

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