Criteria for Evaluating Cities

 Minimum of 625 words and maximum of 700 words. 
 This assignment is intended to help you think about the criteria that can be used to measure the quality of life of cities.  There are many organizations (for example, government organizations, community-based organizations, magazines) that conduct annual surveys of the quality of life of cities in the United States and the world.  They typically rank the top 5 or 10 cities based on a particular set of criteria.  Here is an example:
 Find three surveys that rank the quality of life of cities in the U.S. and/or the world and assess these surveys.  Specifically:
  What is the name of the organization conducting the survey?
 What are the top three cities ranked by each survey?   
Discuss the criteria they use?
    Are the criteria similar or different? 
Are do the same cities appear  in the top three for each survey? 
What do you think about the criteria? 
 Do you agree or disagree?
 How do you think Los Angeles should rank and why?     


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