Crisis management analysis of the Nepal Earthquake in 2015

Your assignment must be:
• A thoughtful, detailed analysis of an actual crisis that really happened
• Approximately 2,500 words in length
o 10% either way is acceptable
o Word count does not include bibliography or appendices
o Please ensure you put the word count on your paper

• Word processed, spell-and grammar checked
• Properly referenced with accurate citations and a bibliography
o At least 3 original references found on your own

• Informed by at least 1 theoretical construct* discussed in class
• Written in accordance with the framework provided below

Failure to follow these instructions will result in a reduced mark.

Your paper must include the following format:


Provide a very brief overview of your case (where, when, what happened) Explain which theoretical construct* you will be applying and why
I. Pre-Conditions

Crises rarely occur ‘out of the blue’, instead there are usually several warning signs. Discuss the warning signs and why people did not respond adequately in your particular crisis case.

II. Trigger—Only pick one!
Discuss the point in time that the crisis kicked-off—how, when, why?
III. Crisis
Discuss how, when and why the crisis escalated to produce the greatest damage
Discuss what happened after the acute phase was over

What were the lessons learned to prevent a future crisis event—were they ‘learned’ or ignored post-crisis?


Consider all phases of your analysis. In sum, what should we have learned from your paper’s analysis and how did the theoretical framework you selected help us understand this crisis better.

Theoretical constructs could be, for example, Team Resource Management (ie green sheet); Normal Accidents; Naturalistic Decision Making; Human Error; Predictable Surprises; Drift Towards Failure; Critical period; Incubation period; Social defenses; Team learning; Groupthink; Destructive pursuit of idealized goals; among others discussed in class this term.

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