Criminal Justice with Evidence.

The question of where on the spectrum between crime control and due process English criminal justice is today must […] take account of both the formal law as laid down in the statutes and case law, and the actual operation of the system by officials operating within the legal framework.” A. Sanders, R. Young, and M. Burton, Criminal Justice (OUP, 2010) 28 

Select ANY TWO (each worth 50% of total mark) of the following criminal justice processes in England and Wales:

(a) stop and search;
(b) arrest;
(c) detention and interrogation;
(d) the right to silence at the police station; (e) unlawfully obtained evidence;
(f) confessions and confession evidence;
and critically discuss whether they are orientated more towards the crime control model, the due process model, or the human rights approach.

The guidelines are attached. The essay should link back to lectures etc. 

Graphics, tables, diagrams are to be referenced.

Footnotes and bibliography will not be included in the word limit unless the footnotes contain text, in which case such text will be included in the word limit. Text includes any commentary or explanatory material not necessary to the referencing.

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