Criminal Justice System/Process (Law)

The alternative court system in East Malaysia i.e, Mobile court. When it was introduced, why, how, what kind of cases involved and does it benefit the society
Sabah Mobile Court

1. Introduction
*historical & geographical background
*Who came up with the idea of “Mobile Court”
*Why the need of Mobile Court? 
*For what purpose?
*what kind of cases are being heard in the Mobile Court – mobile court cases focused more on late birth registration cases

2. The law governing Late birth Registration Ordinance in Sabah- Pay attention to S.22 Registration of Births and Deaths Ordinance [Cap. 123]. This applies only to Sabah. Peninsular Malaysia governed by Births and Deaths Registration Act 1957
-Why are there two set of laws in the country
-What is the difference?

3. What areas in Sabah are covered by this Mobile Court Programme?
• Was it a success?
• Do the people in the interior use this facility?

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