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  • Discussion must be completed no later than Sunday at 11:59pm of the week they are due.
  • Each discussion should be 300 words or more for original posts and 200 words or more for supplemental responses. Just “I agree” or “I disagree” or “it is a good point” etc. are not acceptable discussion posts.
  • Each discussion must discuss an original issue from the readings and should respond to another post.
  • APA in-text (Links to an external site.) citations and references are required for any external and textbook material provided. Excessive quotations (more quotes than your own words) will not award points.
  • Each weekly discussion is worth two points.

Discussion Questions: (Remember: You may use ONE of these or any concept that you find in the chapter. You may start a new topic or respond to the existing one.)

  1. Differential Association Theory (DAT) is a learning theory that was created by Edwin Sutherland. Provide an example of a situation (it can be real life scenario) where DAT can be applied to explain the situation. Create a narrative of the situation using tenets from DAT.
  2. How is Differential Association Theory (DAT) used today in criminal justice? What programs may be a direct or indirect result of implications from DAT?
  3. What is Anomie Theory? Apply the tenets of Anomie Theory to a real-world event that may have previously reached a cessation or may be currently ongoing.
  4. Considering Merton’s Modes of Adaptation, what mode of adaptation do you feel is the most prevalent and the most taxing on the collective society? What should be done to ameliorate this strain?
  5. In the early 20th century many subculture theorists focused on delinquent subcultures in adolescent youth (e.g. juvenile gangs). How would this research manifest itself today in the greater Miami area? Is there a prevalence of youth gangs? If so, what should be done that has not been done already to address these issues?
  6. What are some examples of programs, infrastructure, laws, etc. in Florida that may have their implications derived from Differential Opportunity Theory?
  7. How may some theories from various Subculture Theorists be outdated when applied to contemporary societal conditions in the US? State the theory(s) and explain why they may lack robustness in explaining the current societal state. How could these theories be adjusted to accommodate the more contemporaneous conditions of modern society?
  8. In general, do you think that criminological theories are developed within their societal contexts? Meaning they do not have the same theoretical power in explaining criminality/deviance outside their respective societal context. In other words, could criminological theories have the same theoretical power in other countries in the world? Explain why or why not supported with examples.
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