Crime in Kansas City

Atlanta, and Cleveland. Kansas City’s crime risk is more tun three times the national average. i guess it could be worse. e could be St. Louis, the ations number one city for crime. The national crime data from 2011 showed that Kansas City had the 10th highest rate of violent crime of 72 US cities with more than 250,000 people. Our murder rates were seventh highest of the 72 large cities, and second highest of its midwestern peers. These figures show that supporters of state control have few facts on their side when arguing that the current arrangement does much to keep the crimes in Kansas City low. Boosters of local control point out that a change could lead to more innovative approaches to battling crime.
Elected officials and the entire city hall staff ust have more responsibility and accountability for reducing crime in the future. Kansas city is one the few US cities without local control of its police agencies. KCS police staffing and police budget were compared to 10 other cities: Denver, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Omaha, St. Louis and Tulsa. Kansas City had the second highest cost for its Police Department per 1,000 residents. And the third highest number of uniformed and civilian employees per 1,000 residents. So that being said, why does Kansas city have such a high crime rate?
Kansas City, with a land area of almost 320 square miles, is somewhat split into two separate divisions. south of the Missouri River, and north of the River. Two very different from each other in many ways. south of the river is more urban, which would make since because Down Town KC is south of the river. north of the river is mostly all suburban. The main difference between these two sides of the river is Crime Rate. North of the river, north Kansas city is relatively safe. With a total of 15 homicides over the last five years, thats an average of only three annually.

South of the river is he part of Kansas City that gets most of the headlines for violent crime. its a dangerous place to live, especially anywhere around Troost Avenue to the interstateate 435. What i am getting at is, since the northland isn’t where all of the crime is at, move some of the law enforcement from the North to the South. I read an article that was explaining what they are trying to do to help the crime rates to stop increasing, and basically all it was saying was that the one way police can be more effective is through communication. They simply said, you take the areas where the crime is, and thats where you put the cops.
I feel like it shouldn’t be that simple. Crime can happen anywhere, so Just because crime happens in the south of you put a bunch of cops in one area, it would be way less likely to have crime. But if all the cops are in one area, then theres no cops anywhere else, and crime will start moving to other places where it shouldn’t. The next article i read was from the Missouri Torch, they interviewed the Mayor of Kansas City, Sly James. James said the main solution is Just to educate. He said, “All along the way, adults have failed to take nessacary steps to break the cycle of an ducation system that has been inefficient at best. Exactly, people wouldn’t know what is right from wrong if you don’t tell them growing up.


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