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Your Final Written Report is a post-graduate document. It is, in essence, your Final Exam.

It should be about 10-15 pages; you will not be penalized for going over. Use the APA format in doc sharing for your paper and references. Keep in mind that you should use a professional writing style, this should be based on business English, and involve the correct use of marketing terminology. Use graphics (tables and or charts) to summarize your information where applicable. After all, a report is more likely to be implemented effectively if it is brief, sufficiently detailed, and clear & relevant.

The report must focus on your Brand’s new and up-dated IMC, and include the following 11 sections (in this order):

Title Page

Table of Content


This is a detailed paragraph or two which outlines key elements, and acts as the author’s ‘guide’ to the report’s readers. It will ‘hint’ about graphics & charts, and point-out the report’s critical elements.

IMC Objectives:

Here’s where you identify your brand and Target audience. It begins by explaining the principle objectives of your campaign. Use sub-headings to clearly explain –

• What are your unique Branding objectives (include your Brand Analysis & Revision Chart)

• Who are your targeted new customers (Demographics & psychographics),

• Who are your targeted existing customers (Demographics & psychographics),
Market Analysis:
Your market analysis will provide the specific details for decision-making. Use sub-headings to present:
• Product/Service description,
• SWOT analysis (chart),
• Target audiences segmentation and Customer profile(s) two-column chart,
• Value Positioning statement (introducing your ‘Functional’ ‘Emotional’ & ‘Self-expressive’ benefits).
Communications Strategy Mini-Plans:
You will have 5 concise communications strategy sub-sections with sub-headings. They are 5 paragraph-style mini-reports explaining your objectives, your strategies, and your methods & techniques for utilization of the following 5 marketing tools and venues.
Here they are (with brief explanations of their basic functions):
A. Traditional Media
A paid for, mass-focused, attempt to persuade consumers and build brand identity & loyalty. This is a big investment. It focuses on Television, Print, Radio, Display/Billboard, and Direct Mail.
B. Internet
As advertising became more expensive and the Internet grew, online communications have become a cost-effective option with the added benefit of being measurable (closed-loop marketing) – this area has become highly specialized:
• Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy: Google AdWords
• Online advertising: Banners, reciprocal links.
• Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram.
• Website.
C. Direct Marketing
Direct marketing evolved from the catalog business, which involved gathering customer information – this approach is data base driven and is used to send personalized messages either by mail, phone, email or text messages, inviting a direct response. There is an important role for direct marketing in branding as it facilitates relationship building and customer retention. This is becoming integrated into nearly all web campaign.
Direct marketing might include:
· Post cards,
· Personalized mailings,
· Emails concerning special offers,
· Newsletters.
D. Sales Promotion
Alongside traditional advertising, there are many options for communicating with customers and building positive associations with the brand – sales promotion is growing in popularity and can be incorporated into a direct marketing piece such as a postcard or email. Sales promotion is instant demand stimulation, it creates a perception of greater value through contests and samples, it complements the longer term advertising campaign, it motivates trial use, and it encourages larger purchases or stimulates a repeat purchase.
Sales promotion is helpful when launching new products, and new product samples can be attached to existing brands, but problems can arise because frequent sales promotions alter price perceptions and encourage consumers to become “deal-prone”.
Examples of Sales Promotions include:
• Coupons, price-off, gift with purchase, contests, samples, mail sampling, newspaper sampling, on-package sampling, mobile sampling.
E. Public Relations (PR)
This is a communications function used to promote understanding between an organization and its various stakeholder groups. PR is a critical component of brand building, for it generates publicity for the brand, helps solidify the public’s opinion of the brand, and defines the brand … all in a seamless communications effort.
The tools of PR include:
• Press releases,
• Feature stories,
• Company newsletters,
• Press pack,
• Interviews and press conferences,
• Sponsored events.
Communications Schedule
Using a calendar that covers the timeframe of the proposed IMC, indicate when the specific key elements of the communications strategy mix will occur – including:
• Calendar of planning benchmarks,
• Launch date,
• Advertising exposure time-frames,
• Key event dates (grand opening, seasonal price fluctuations, special promotions, etc.).
Budget Evaluation
This should be a simple chart of your roughly-estimated cost range (high & low estimate) for each Communication Strategy component.
This is a brief one-or-two paragraph summary statement. It quickly summarizes key points within your paper, and it ends with a final comment by you (the author).
Between 4 and 12 references is appropriate.

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