Counselling: A treatment plan drawing on theory

Evaluate the provided case study in terms of differential diagnosis systems and articulate a treatment plan drawing on theory, key debates and your practice orientation (Integrative) to show an understanding of the models of mental health.

To evaluate the provided case study (Brian) in terms of the effectiveness of different models of diagnoses and treatment applied to a mental health problem, appraise key debates concerning treatment models and diagnostics of mental illness. Using the case study, compare treatment models, justify your selection and develop a treatment plan for Brian using the integrative model of psychotherapy. Articulate treatment plans and show understanding of models of mental illness.

1, Davey, G (2008) Psychopathology Research, Assessment and treatment in Clinical Psychology (Wiley Blackwell). 
2, Rusello, A (2007) Severe Mental Illness in Primary Care; a companion guide for counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals (Radcliffe Publishing. 
3, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Fifth Edition (DSM-5) American Psychiatric Association (2013). 


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