corporation tax in the UK

Many of the major global companies pay no corporation tax in the UK. Is this fair? Why, therefore, is the current conservative government seeking to lower corporation tax further? 

A critical appraisal of the impact of the global regulatory environment and governance on the strategic behaviour of multinational enterprise.

Please note that this will be assessed on;

– the level of understanding, analysis and evaluation
– conclusion
– the use of academic literature to underpin the analysis. 

You should ensure that;

– You have supported your statements with the appropriate ‘evidence’.
– You have provided an introduction for each item? 
– You have concluded by summarising your argument at the end of each item
– The work is well presented visually in terms of layout, fonts, and spacing, etc
Intellectual Argument: (Evidence used, clarity and structure of argument, etc.)
– Intellectual argument
– The argument clear and structured
Source Materials: (Please refer to guidance you have received in Module Guide and Induction. Proper acknowledgment, correct identification of authors, etc, complete references or bibliography, use of Harvard system standards)

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