Corporate Finance and Financial Accounting

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This is my coursework for Corporate Finance and Financial Accounting. Please follow all instructions very precisely and accurately.


“Critically evaluate the various theories of corporate governance. Drawing evidence from the literature and using sample companies from each country, compare and contrast the corporate governance systems in Japan, China, Germany and the UK”

Your report must include appropriate sections dealing with the forecast and valuation of future cash flows that would be created as a result of any takeover synergies that you propose. Your report must also include a discussion of any qualitative factors that may affect the decision to undertake the acquisition.


  • Students may only choose a target company that no other student has chosen.
  • While you may decide to assume the acquiring company, it is not necessary for the purpose of the coursework
  • I will send out emails to guide you through the process.
  • Maximum number of words: 3000 ( You can include your tables/calculations as an appendix)
  • Please give a bibliography in alphabetical order
  • Minimum sources to use: 25
  • Please make a wide usage of all types of sources:
    • Articles
    • News articles
    • Journals
    • Books
    • Websites
  • Harvard style format (with in-text citations)
  • My university is extremely strict on plagarisim. We are required to submit all our coursework’s via the plagarisim detector which is called
  • Therefore, PLEASE be SUPER careful about plagarism

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