Corporate Finance

This project is designed to apply the valuation techniques we learn in class on UAE companies in the real world. It is an individual project, with each student picking one company to value.


Pick the company. Pick one listed UAE company either from Dubai Financial Market (DFM, or Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX, Company selected by one student should not be picked by another student.

Intrinsic valuation. Develop your narrative for the company selected. Give me your story of how you see the chosen company evolving over time, given that you know about it, its market and the competition. Tie your narrative to key numbers that you will be using in your valuation. Value the stock in each company using a discounted cash flow model.

Value relative to the market. Evaluate whether your firm is under or over- valued and make final recommendation on the stock.


This project is an individual work and weighting 10% in the final grade. Please submit it to Turnitin link in Moodle. 

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