Contract Law: Max

Max was a third year LL.B student who was living at home with his elderly grandmother Elsie. Elsie was concerned that Max was partying too much and not revising enough. She promised Max that if he graduates with at least a 2:1 she will give him £500 as a reward for his efforts. 

In addition she further promised to pay half of the fees for the Bar Professional Training Course on the basis that Max remained living with her for the duration of his studies and took over the daily household chores such as cooking and cleaning. Elsie was concerned that she was becoming less able to undertake daily household tasks.

Last year Max’s friend Rebecca had set up her own cake making business. Rebecca was struggling with the marketing of her new business and asked Max if he could assist with the marketing of the business. Max agreed to this.

It transpired that Max was very good at marketing and Rebecca’s business is booming as a result. Rebecca, in her gratitude, asked Max if he would like to become a partner with a 30% share in the business. Max immediately agreed to this opportunity.

Twelve months later Max has graduated with a first and is currently studying on the Bar Professional Training Course. He is still living with Elsie but has had to take a loan from the bank to pay the course fees because to-date Elsie has not paid the £500 nor 50% of the course fees as promised even though Max has undertaken all household tasks during that time.

Rebecca’s business has made a significant profit within the first twelve months of business but she has yet to pay Max the 30% split as agreed.

Advise Max as to whether or not he has grounds to enforce the promises made to him by both Elsie and Rebecca.

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