Consultation domain

Choose one competency dimensions from 1-6 (Consultation domain) and one from 7-10 (Prescribing governance domain) and write a 750 word (level 6) word reflection on your clinical practice developments in the relation to achieving the competency domain.

Choose an article or guidance to support your reflection for each domain and include it in the portfolio. This should be written in an essay format and should be referenced correctly.

Information about the different competency dimensions can be found on page 10 of the attached portfolio file.

The client would like the first reflection to focus on Providing Information competency and the second to focus on the Prescribe as Part of a Team competency. 

The client has advised that the article used in the reflection can be changed from the ones used in their previous work if the writer thinks it suitable.

Reflective information should be based on the client’s previous work, reflection does not need to be too specific and cri

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