Consider that Frankenstein was written when humanity was on the cusp of incredible achievement. Vaccination for the devastating disease smallpox began in the late 18th century, and a wealth of inventions led to the factory and mass-productions of goods. F

The achievements that we have made over the years I think are wonderful, and these achievements do not scare me. But what dose, I would not say scare me but that I do keep my eye on is how these achievements are used and what they exploit. In today’s world it is all about the money let’s face it “money talks and bull shit walks”. And if there is money to be made, in any field, that is where that achievement will go. 

Let’s look at plastic surgery for example. For me I see it as a fantastic surgery that can if done wright erase scars and what not for people that have been in a horrible accident. But today this surgery is performed every day on vanity, because people want their butts to look like Jennifer Lopez. Don’t get me wrong I like looking at Jennifer Lopez’s butt, but I am not going to through thousands and thousands of dollars away just so my ass can looks better than yours. And ad campaigns focus on your looks. Have you ever seen an ad for Nike with a fat person working out in a gym in Nike gear?

How about something political. How about our family members and those on a fixed income. They get their money from social security and there is a lot of money in that pot. Will all of that money just sitting there earning interest our political leaders are scheming ways to get their hands on that money. It’s funny every time my Mothers social security checks has a pay increase, Medicare when up the exact same amount. Funny, it must be a coincident. 

How about alternative fuels. Even though is seems things are changing alternative fuels are struggling to get going. That is because of the huge amount of money that will be lost by the today’s fuel suppliers the gas companies, and the electric companies. With piles of money at their disposal they spend it on lobbyist, Senators, and Congressmen to sway the votes in their favor. While alternative power sources are making some head way it is still a struggle.

These are just a few examples of what I consider the dangerous knowledge of life and death. With my first example of vanity money is just tossed at the doctors that preform the surgeries. Yes you could say that doctors deserve the money because they worked hard in school and in life to achieve their dreams. And I would agree with them on that. But it has also made that surgery so expensive that somebody that really needs this type of a surgery cannot afford it. Same with trying to live on a fixed income you cannot get ahead to have a bit of breathing room financially. On top of that you have our leaders in high places mucking with what our loved ones have paid into their whole lives and did not have a choice as to whether they wish to participate in the social security system or not. Finely fuel cost goes up and down like the waves of the ocean. What is up with that? Here is an example. Last summer I was paying $5/gal for diesel fuel, summer time peak season. This summer again peak season I pay $3/gal for the same diesel fuel. Go figure. I heat my home with a wood stove because the electric heaters installed in my home would run me $700/month to stay warm in the winter time. It is as if our leaders want us to be in this “state”, because if we stepped out of this “state” and found better and more efferent ways of doing things they would lose money.


  • Consider what your classmates have posted and reflect on your reading thus far. Select the post of one classmate or your professor. In a minimum of 250 words, agree with or rebut one post. Please remember to be respectful of others’ opinions in your response(s).

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