Conflict critique

A conflict is a disagreement between individuals or groups which when remain unresolved, may need the intervention of a mediator to prevent escalation of the dispute. Conflict transformation on the other hand is when an individual mindset, attitude, skills and capabilities changes so they can deal with conflict resolution Issues. Indispensable in the process Is the modeling of spiritual lessons as taught In the Bible. In our everyday lives we face some kind of conflict this Is because we are surrounded by different individuals with different personalities and believe when efferent Individuals come together these personalities clash.
The problem of conflict happens especially in schools and this Is why a course Like conflict transformation Is Important especially for school children. The course of conflict transformation seeks to provide students with knowledge and understanding of the nature of conflict. The course gives students ways of how they should manage conflict and successfully deal with conflict In different circumstances. During this semester the course have thought me some valuable things such as: the nature and causes of conflict, we have articulated in different conflict situation, developed skills and attitude towards solving conflict.
The different skills that I have learnt have brought transformation in my life. Before learning skills of which to deal with conflict my ways of handling conflict was unhealthy. Whenever I had an issue with someone I would blurt it out in front of a crowd instead of doing it in a peaceful and respectful way. I would not listen when persons try to come to an agreement but since I have been introduced to this course I have learnt how to handle my disputes in the right way. Great impact as been made in my personal life. Now I understand the nature of conflict and that emotions play an integral part in conflict.
Usually I let my emotions take control of me during a conflict, but conflict transformation as thought me the skill of emotional intelligence. This is where you learn to control your emotions and do not let your emotions take control so to let you make wrong decisions without strong feelings. Anger is an emotion which when expressed, causes a person to acts out of character and sometimes loose self-control, resorting to verbally, emotionally, and sometimes hectically abusing another person or persons. Sometimes, anger may be expressed for self-defense and “righteous indignation. This is one emotion which I had problems with. When I was angry, my anger over powered my thoughts. Instead of letting an emotion like anger cloud my thoughts now, I control my feelings, express my emotions in a non-aggressive way. Another Impact the course had made In my personal life is that it reminded me of an Important thing, which I must learn and always do, listen. When you do not listen to Individuals you tend to misinterpret what they had said. This causes conflict and also put a halt In solving some conflicts.
Not listening caused me to be In many conflict In the past. I did not stop to listen and understand. I now listen to Individuals as to show them that I care, that I have respect for them In addition to showing them that I have Interest In the Issue at hand. Due to this course I am now a better person because my life has been transformed. It has made some significant impact on my life. To avoid conflict I 4)Attacking the person, not the problem 5)Establishing objectivity 6)Use of Sarcasm 7)Tone of voice. Instead of not caring and wasting time arguing I am now… ) Being aware of the emotional atmosphere. 2) Being sensitive of what we say and how we say it. 3) Seeking to be a peacemaker. 4) Being willing to negotiate your position on an issue and show respect for the opinion of others. 5) Being compassionate. 6) Practicing fair play and objectivity. 7) Seeking to create a win-win situation in a conflict. I am glad I was able to do a course such as this because it has given me a new perceptive o how to deal with people. I now can make myself to be a healthy, kind hearted person in addition to helping others.


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