Computer Science homework help

The project requires you to read a computer-graphics-related paper and write a 5-page analysis of it.
You do not need to understand the equations in the paper. Just understand the general themes of the paper — what they are doing, why are they doing it, how they are trying to do it, anything that relates to what we have been doing in class, etc.

The 5-page Paper You Submit Must At Least Cover

  1. What is the general theme of the paper you read? What does the title mean? What are they trying to do? Why are they trying to do it? (I.e., what problem are they trying to solve?)
  2. Who are the authors? Where are they from? What positions do they hold? Can you find out something about their backgrounds?
  3. What did the authors do?
  4. What conclusions did the paper draw?
  5. What insights did you get from the paper that you didn’t already know?
  6. Did you see any flaws or short-sightedness in the paper’s methods or conclusions? (It’s OK if you didn’t.)
  7. If you were these researchers, what would you do next in this line of research?

You can, and should, copy-and-paste a key image or two from the paper to help explain what it is about. Do not make these images huge in an effort to consume what should have been writing space!
Spacing needs to be 1.5 and the font needs to be 11 (i.e. be reasonable).
Do not use huge margins.
There needs to be a cover page, and, no, that doesn’t count as one of the 5 pages…
Possible papers are attached below. You can select any one of them.

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