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The attached document is my dissertation topic, please make the required changes to the document to met the following feedback.
This is an interesting topic, but I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish in this research. Are you saying biometric authentication has not been implemented to mitigate social engineering and you want to implement one?
You stated, “The purpose of implementing biometric authentication is that it can aid in reducing password vulnerability, secure log process in the system, and enhance conveniences like quick log in using fingerprint and reduce desk help cost which comes with a call for passwords.”
You also stated, “The research will also tent to protect the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of enterprise valuable assets. The implementation of biometric authentication will ensure confidentiality, authentication of data, data entity authentication, and availability. Biometric authentication should be oriented to the internet to analyze the security gap for any given generic application in the system.”
Are you planning to create an implementation project with biometrics to measure increase protection? If so, how will you implement? How will you measure? Provide clarifying information for the department and resubmit
Please review and clarify what the goal of this study is.
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