compare and contrust a number of ecclessiologies in the catholic church,how hey differ and want elements they share

Read Richard McBrien’s, ‘The Church: The Evolution of Catholicism’ (provided) and identify several prominent ecclesiologies of the New Testament period. How were they different from each other, and what elements did they share?

McBrien states ‘Throughout the period covered by the New Testament there were both diversity and development in the various local churches … On the other hand, one can also find some degree of unity within the various ecclesiologies of the New Testament’. (McBrien, 23) Diversity and development also marked the post-biblical period before Vatican I.

This essay will demonstrate a critical perspective on fundamental ecclesial themes in the New Testament and of major historical landmarks influencing the Catholic Church’s development.

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communication of
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Note: 6-8 references
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including several highly relevant journal
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Outstandingly sustained engagement of
subject matter, ideas, and concepts relating to
the essay topic; sound theoretical base; clear
evidence of critical judgment, synthesis, and

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