Compare and Contrast Analysis

Teacher: Nina Cerebra Due Date: 17/09/14 word count:281 Homes in Mexico and Canada are pretty similar but they have some important difference but this essay will show that homes in Mexico are safer tan homes in Canada in many ways. Although Canada has less criminal rates tan in Mexico the homes in Mexico have more security systems and fences. Other factor is the material tit the houses are constructed.
Canadian and Mexican homes have the same appearances more or less. The architecture in Mexican and Canadian homes is much the same. Homes on both countries also have a waterproof system and other protections against the elements because in both countries climates are or too hot or too cold. As its mentioned before the material in homes of both countries are toddlers. In Canada houses are made of wood and In Mexico they are made of concrete and bricks. The wood is more likely to catch fire than concrete so fires In
Mexico are very rare the only probably that a house catches fire Is a gas leak but In Canada are more common the fires In homes. Concrete Is also more solid although The security systems, fences and alarms are other things Canadian homes lack. This Is because Canadian homes don’t need that. At first appearance the Canadian and Mexican homes are practically the same but If Its really analyzed It can be find several differences between them. This essay was focus on the security and It proved that because of the dangers that Mexico has like insecurity, earthquakes and other s dangers.


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