Company Report

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Assignment Brief


You are required to select a company quoted on the FTSE 250

Imagine that you are acting as a financial advisor to a potential investor in that company. You are to produce a report of a maximum 2,500 words which covers the following issues for the last five years:


Small Introduction about the company

Section A

  • Profits, earnings and dividends (including a comprehensive ratio analysis).
  • Financial stability and liquidity (including a comprehensive ratio analysis)

+/-1500 Words

Section B

  • A critical reflection on the company portrayed by journalists and other financial reports
  • An evaluation of the corporate governance of the company.
  • Identify the asset value per share and the current market share price and assess whether or not your selected company represents an investment opportunity.

+/-1000 words

It is essential that all sources of information are correctly referenced using the Harvard system.

Maximum words: 2,500 words

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