Company/organisation/industry: Newman’s Case

Achieving a competitive advantage and ensuring operational stability is a long term objective of Newman’s Ltd (a fictional company based in the UK). Newman’s have recently appointed a new Chairperson who is a strong advocate of Key Account Management and considers this the best way forward to achieve their long term objectives. The Board of Directors are less certain and in order to fully understand the implications of moving from their traditional account selling approach to an integrated Key Account Management (KAM) approach you have been asked to produce a detailed business report (2,500 words maximum) for the next Board of Directors meeting which sets out the following:

1. A background to Key Account Management and how it differs from traditional account management approaches. The Board of Directors are specifically interested in understanding more in terms of the issues of selecting and categorising Key customers and the overall buyer perspective. 

2. The main drivers for Implementing KAM and how these may be reflected in business markets. The Board of Directors have requested a number of
examples from different industries so that they can ascertain the relevance for Newman’s. 

3. 3. The Board of Directors are concerned about the impact on their existing sales teams and want more information regarding:

a) The role and responsibilities of the KAM Mangers and KAM Teams; 

b) And finally how to deal with performance and rewards in KAM

The customer requires an executive summary to be excluded from the word count. They are unsure how long this should be so please quote for a suitable amount of words.

Word count includes everything in the main body of the text (including headings, tables, citations, quotes, lists, etc.).

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