Communication in Early Years

Designed to promote the development of knowledge, skills and practice in encouraging and promoting effective communication with and among children.

Section 1:
– Definition of communication 
– Portrait of your setting
– Daily record of activities as an introduction showing how communication is supported 

Section 2:
– Choose two aspects of communication with children to research in more depth and explain the rationale behind your choices. 
– Carry out at least two observations of children and evaluate findings.

Section 3:
– The application of available research and the carrying out of a action plan in the workplace with further analysis. 
– Reflect on the development of effective communication skills observed and researched and include details of future development within your chosen areas. 

Knowledge and understanding:
– Identify and discuss the key issues around how children develop communication skills and the role of the practitioner in influencing the learning process.

Intellectual skills:
– Engage with aspects of complex theory and apply it to the learning process 
Make and reflect on connections between subject knowledge and its application in a defined range of contexts

Practical Skills:
– Convey the principles and values associated with management of learning in the workplace

Transferable Skills:
– Exercise initiative, responsibility and confident decision making in familiar and unfamiliar contexts
– Explain, evidence and use information to explore ideas drawing on relevant theory and research

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