Commercial Law;Lawyers’ influential position in society

“Lawyers’ influential position in society, together with their fiduciary responsibilities, demand uncompromising levels of trust, integrity, and veracity. Countenancing puffery, exaggeration, distortion and outright lying in negotiations is inconsistent with this high standard, especially in light of the indispensable role of lawyers in our legal system. Lawyers ought not be compelled to lie for clients or to compensate for the lies of opposing counsel …”

‘Chipping Away At Lawyer Veracity: The ABA’s Turn Toward Situation Ethics In
Negotiations’ Ruth Fleet Thurman – 1990 Journal of Dispute resolution (1990), Issue 1 page 113. 

Explain and discuss this statement by reference to the SRA Code of Conduct, the law and the regulation surrounding commercial transactions.
In particular consider whether, there is adequate guidance on the responsibilities of transaction lawyers.

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