CMR 244 Miami University Expansion of Amazon into Sweden Case Study

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My target company is Amazon and my target country is Sweden.

Your CEO has decided that the time has come to focus on entering/expanding your target company into your target country.

Revisit Chapters 6 & 10. Pay special attention to Exhibits 10.4 and 10.5.

  1. Pick three options for your company. Make sure the options are practical for your company.
  2. Evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative. Consider:
    • resources available and needed (human, financing, operational (manufacturing, distribution, transportation, retail)
    • first-mover v. late-mover advantage and competition
    • horizontal v. vertical FDI
    • benefits and risks of each
  3. Make a recommendations to your CEO, including your reasons why.

You will be graded on whether you go into depth and critically analyze each alternative, as well as, the quality of your rationale for your recommendation. Convince your CEO as to what you believe to be the proper course of action for your company.

The assignment should be 2 pages

chapter 6:

Please use the attached PDF to help you summarize the main topics from chapter 6 Investing Abroad

Watch the chapter video onFDI…

chapter 10:…

Please use the attached PDF to help you summarize the main topics of Entering Foreign Markets


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