Civil Society Under Assault

Artilcle review: Max length 1200 words

This is not just a simple summary of texts. It is like a book review or review essay. It asks you to briefly summarise the MAIN arguments of the text, assess
its strengths and weaknesses, and provide an overall critique, meaning a detailed positive and/or negative evaluation of the text.

The best literature review is one
1. that identifies main themes and questions in the text being reviewed;
2. that identifies the main approaches in the text, evaluating their relative merits;
3. considers, where appropriate, the strength of the empirical material on which the arguments of the text are based;
4. sets up a ‘debate’ with the text;
5. and assesses its contribution to our understanding of the topic.

You can do this best by focusing on the most controversial or problematic elements of the article.

I have uploaded the article for review.


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