China Steel Downturn

For your Assignment you can choose one of two options as follows:
1) China Steel Downturn
Taking anything you have learnt from the first four presentations to discuss the implications for global trade of a downturn in steel production in China. A good assignment will link Global Trade, China, Steel and Iron Ore to show the interrelationships which exist.

Do not limit yourself to only using the information provided in the 4 lectures. Research other information from publications, books and, of course, the internet – ideally using original sources – rather than a press report of these original sources. Write impartially, source all data accurately making sure you give full web references.

Use headings and sub-headings and you are advised to write in short, clear sentences. Be impartial and academic in style. Assume nothing and justify any qualitative data with a reference. The same obviously applies to any quantitative data.

Length should be maximum 2,000 words.

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