Children & Young People: Publication Analysis

Prepare a written assignment of 2000 words to review the following publication: 

Chowbey, P., Garrick, R., and Harrop, D. (2015) ‘Preparing ethnic minority children for starting primary school: Integrating health and education’ Better Health Briefing 35, London: Race Equality Foundation.

Only two themes should be looked at in publication and an overview of the whole publication and include 3/4 theorist.

All three learning outcomes have to be met as well:

1. To critically examine the issues around tackling inequalities when organising provision to meet the needs of children, young people and families across a range of agencies

2. To demonstrate an ability to apply and synthesise knowledge and understanding of tackling inequality in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion in relation to supporting children, young people and families across a range of agencies.

3. To be able to reflect critically on your own value system and justify future learning and professional goals in relation to working with children and families in partnership with other professionals across a range of agencies.

You should refer back lecture material.

The client would like to focus on these two themes in the publication.

1) The status of ethic minority children in England.
2) Integrating health and education for better educational outcomes.

Theorist mentioned should be Focault, Boudieu, Giddeons and Thompson.

Strengths and weakness should be included as well as what more could be achieved. Explain why you chose article (ie, ethic minority myself) Can use ‘I ‘at this stage.

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