children and young people

Social history and the Social construction of childhood – film Oliver:

Select and review at least one film or TV programme from the list provided by your tutor and explore at least one film (OLIVER). Critically analyse how children or young people have been portrayed and how this social construct competes with or supports the ideas visited in the module sessions.

The assignment on social constructs must include;

– Critical analysis of how children and/or young people have been portrayed in the particular film, including examination of the particular social construct of children and young people including its origins.

– Critical overview of the range of socio-cultural, economic and political factors that have influenced and impacted on the social perspective of the chosen film. 

– Critical examination of the comparison to relevant, modern social constructs of childhood and youth, including the factors that have influenced these constructs.

– Critical discussion of historical and contemporary theoretical perspectives of the role and purpose of childhood applied to contemporary debates of children and young people.

– Critical examination of the role of existing inequalities in society and how they influence different social constructions of children and young people.

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