: Children and Consumerism

This assignment requires you to choose a research topic from the following list: Children and nature,

children and popular culture; children and consumerism, and children and schooling. You then select

a topic and one article in your topic folder. You will then search for an article yourself around the

same topic to use as a comparison article on a research project in your critique. You are required to

write the critical report in order to explore the similarities and differences between the paradigms

informing the research studies, the way children are constructed in the study, their role and draw on

the constructions of childhood ­ how are they being viewed? You will also compare the methodology

used in each of the two research projects including a summary of the key design elements, research

tools, forms of analysis and the way ethics is or isn’t discussed. This assessment relates specifically to

Module 3 ­ Topics 7, 8 and 9. The assignment consists of a two­part submission: a Critical Research

Report Proposal (Assessment 3a) and a final Critical Research Report ( Assessment 3b).

A template/proforma is provided for making a planning summary of the key areas that need to be

addressed in the research report, this template/proforma is available on this page and must be used

to complete the research report proposal for Assessment 3a. The proposal will help to map out the

key elements of both of the two research articles that you have chosen for analysis.

see the sample report

Use western sydney university APA reference style

fill the Research Report Proposal Proforma

use those to important references

michael wyness childhood and society chapter 9

James, A. & James, A. (2012). Key concepts in childhood studies (2nd ed.), Sage Publishers:


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