chemistry; Literature Searching

Section A: ChemDraw and MNova – Please see attached document for images and questions.

Section B. Literature Searching
Primary mini literature review of 5 papers on an analytical chemistry topic* (SEE TABLE BELOW):
Use Web of Science as a starting point for finding the primary literature* relevant to your topic. To determine which are the key publications it can help to check how often they have been cited ( used as references in other papers).
WoS can reorder lists you generate based on the number of citations. HOWEVER
– very recent publications will not have many if any citations – but still could be essential to include them.
*Primary Literature: This is any material that has been published in a refereed publication (paper and online refereed journals are Ok). Often books themselves have not been refereed but with refer to the original published refereed papers/articles.

Assignment requirements
(1) Summary :
a. Topic Title: (Fluoxetine)
b. Write 1 or 2 paragraphs max providing a concise integration of the key information on the topic from the 5 papers you have selected. Written with in text citations and reference list (both RSC style). (5 marks)

(a) Reference presentation (formatting) (3 marks)

(b) Attach a screen dump of reference management software listing ( 2 marks) 

This brief requires the following – graphics, tables and diagrams (created).

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