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Research Paper Requirements:
The purpose of this paper is to give you the opportunity to learn more about a specific stress related topic by conducting research in depth. You must submit a research paper of 8 to 10 pages double-spaced (not including the cover sheet and the reference list) with a minimum of six reference sources. References must be within the last ten years for the first 6 references.  If you wish to include research, which was published older than 10 years ago, those references should be in addition to the required 6 references. The research paper is expected to be a true research paper.  The first six references should NOT include sources from the popular media (e.g., newspapers, popular magazines, internet sites, etc.) and should NOT include the textbook, “Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being, by Brian Luke Seaward, instead select from peer reviewed professional journals and books written by professionals in the field.  Include any sources from internet websites after the minimum six traditional research sources have been met by professional journals or books. Proper grammar and correct spelling are expected. Clear organization and avoidance of redundancy are essential. It is expected that this will be original research. DO NOT submit the same paper for credit in more than one course. To do so would be a violation of the American University Honor Code. Please review some of the possible research topics listed in the table below. If you have another area of interest regarding stress management and stress reduction, please email me to discuss the possible topic.
Possible Research Topics:
Meditation techniques, Relaxation techniques
Spirituality and stress; Social support and stress
Psychological disorders and stress
Humor, Positive Attitude and stress
Music therapy, Art therapy, Dance therapy
Stress in Relationships (Communication, Conflict resolution)
Yoga, Tai Chi, Physical Activity and stress
Stresses in different life stages (child, etc.)
Chronic stress effects on the body
Aromatherapy, Visualization, etc.
PowerPoint Presentation of Research on Blackboard Discussion Board:
Each student will create a PowerPoint Presentation, which highlights the main points of information found in their research paper. The Power Point Presentation must be posted in two places, on the Blackboard Discussion Board for the entire class to view and it will be submitted to the Blackboard, for grading, using an assignment link. The use of visual material (photographs, charts, video clips or other items) is required. This will enhance the presentation and make it more interesting. PowerPoint Presentations containing only text (without the enhancement of visual material) will receive a lower grade.
By replying to more than the minimum, students may earn additional credit and improve their grade for the Discussion Board component of the total course grade. Please refer to the section, “Course Requirements – Due Dates” for specific course requirement due dates.


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