Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Although I do believe that the acting and performance style of the two different actors is very important, I would argue Tim Burtons remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory represents in the truest form the differences in family and how parents and children’s relationship to one another. I would argue that even though I personal like Stewart original film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I believe that it’s a great film but doesn’t convey family relationships as well as Tim Burtons interpretation.
In comparing the two different movies we can see that Tim Burton seed to show the deferent parent-child relationships by using proximity patterns and camera lighting to represent the relationships. In the 1971 version Mel Stuart shows the differences In the relationship not by camera lighting and proximity patterns but by relying on acting and sound to convey the same message. In the beginning of the film, Tim Burton sets the movie talking about Charlie’s father and the family’s relationship with each other. In the first few scenes, we learn a lot about Charlie and the Bucket family. We can analyze the proteomics patterns and compare it to
Charlie’s relationship with Mr.. Bucket. When Mr.. Bucket comes home from the toothpaste factory screwing caps all day he sits right next to Charlie. In our text box, Understanding movies, Edward Hall talked about the proteomics patterns which is the relationship between characters or things within a given space. By Edward Hall’s definition, when Mr.. Bucket sat down next to Charlie to give him defective toothpaste caps, that space would be labeled as intimate distance between them. Gantlet stated that, “this is the distance of physical Involvement-of love, comfort, and endorsers between Individuals” (85).

When looking at that scene, you can right away tell that the relationship between the two characters Is the Ideal that every parent and child wants with their parent or child. After working a long and hard day, all Mr.. Bucket wants to do is go and spend time with Charlie. This intimate distance between Charlie and his father also shows that his father cares about Charlie. When Mr.. Bucket and Charlie are sitting together we know that they have a father son bond, but then when Mr.. Bucket says I have a surprise for you, and gives Charlie the effective caps one can tell that this bond is bigger. Mr..
Bucket cares about Charlie and his interests and hobbies. Mr.. Bucket steals the defective caps because it’s something that interests and would make Charlie happy. No matter what kind of hobby or Interest Charlie Is into, Mr.. Bucket would support his son. {Quote} Another interesting family to look at Is Wily Wonk and Dry. Wilbur Woman’s relationship with respects to proteomics patterns we see a different father-son relationship. In the scene where Wily Wonk had the first flashback when Charlie asked him If he embedded the very first chocolate he ever had, Wily Wonk remembers the time when en came none rater trick-or-treating. Mm Burton doesn’t snow you ten money greeting like the greeting you get when Mr.. Bucket comes home, instead the first shot you see when Wily Wonk comes home is Dry. Wilbur Wonk. And instead of him saying Hello son, the first words are, “Well let’s see what the damage is this year. ” After that line as the audience you get a full shot of Wily Wonk and Dry. Wilbur Wonk and the prolific patterns is not an intimate distance which is normal for Emily members or loved ones, instead its personal distance which Genetic stated is roughly from eighteen inches away to about four feet away.
He also goes and mentions that these distances tend to be reserved for friends and acquaintances rather than members of the family. This is important because this represents the relationship that Wily and his father have. Julie Taylor and Brigit Daniel state, “Parents who can only give their children negative attention, and who do not give children a sense of positive status in the family, are grossly neglecting them in an motional sense. The relationship is distant and as a little kid that is brought up in this kind of environment believes possible that is contact between his father and himself is normal and that every kid as the same relationship as he has. In addition to the proximity distances that we discussed to show the differences between the relationships of Charlie and Mr.. Bucket with Wily and Dry. Wonk, we also can see these differences in the camera lighting in the same scene to show this distinction. Tim Burton used low key lighting in Wily Woman’s and Dry.
Woman’s scene because he anted his audience to portray and get this feeling that the father neglected Wily. We also get a sense that Dry. Wonk is portrayed as very sinister and very mysterious and absent in Wily Woman’s life. This is important because it shows and confirms our assumption of Wily Woman’s and Dry. Woman’s relationship. In contract, if we compare the Lighting that Tim Burton used in the same shot as we analyzed for proximity patterns we see that the lighting that was used was different. Tim Burton used high key lighting.
Even though Genetic describes high key lighting being used or comedies and musical because they are bright, I believe that Tim Burton used this lighting on Mr.. Bucket when he sat down to talk to Charlie and give him a surprise. The reason why Tim Burton used high key lighting in that particular scene was to show what an important person Mr.. Bucket was to Charlie. The bright light on Mr.. Bucket’s face was to represent what Charlie looked up to and who Charlie’s role model was, and that was his dad. No matter what Charlie’s father’s occupation was, Charlie only saw him as his role model. In the 1971 film, Mel


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