Chapter 10: The Presidency

explain why you decided to research that topichow does it relate to the chapter(s) covered in this modulediscuss whether you consider this site a good tool for learning about American politics.wo or three paragraphs: minimum 9 sentencesChapter 10: The PresidencyThe War Powers Resolution was passed in 1973 to define and limit the president’s power during times of war.Read the full text of the resolution. You could also visit any of the links provided on related topics at the end of the resolution’s text. Watch – OptionalStudy VideoDave Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections provides Information on upcoming and past presidential elections. By visiting this site you can also experiment with the electoral college calculator to see how your state could affect the electoral outcome:US Election Atlas.The first lady is an important resource for the president in his role as head of state. Read aboutcurrent and past first ladies.Presidential attempts to increase executive power by influencing or diminishing the authority of other branches of government have been a source of political conflict during different administrations. To read about news on Congress, the White House and current political issues visitPolitico.Political Science


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