Change Management Process

(MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ADDRESS A CHANGE PROCESS THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED AND IS PUBLICLY KNOWN ABOUT) 1.You should select an organisation which is experiencing problems or challenges. Examples of issues or problems could include: -Merger envisaged -Inefficiencies and waste -Poor customer service -New technology required -Institutional racism & sexism -Unable to keep up with growing demand. 2. You should analyse the current situation and where possible using change management terminology. 3. You should then identify and critically apply a suitable theoretical approach (or approaches) that could be used to address the challenge or difficulties. 4. You should then outline steps to implement a change management process that builds on the theory to respond to the challenge or problem identified. E.g Lewin, Kotter, Kanter 5. You should also consider any possible difficulties that may emerge in the process of implementation and how these can be addressed. 6. Please use UK English for the essay


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