Change management plan

In the context of increased debates on management of chronic and non-communicable diseases, you have received extra allocated funding to improve the delivery of health care services in your health care setting moving away from a predominantly curative focus to an integrated (curative and preventive) health care services delivery model. Please choose one of the two scenarios, and follow the instructions below You are a Senior Health Manager working in a public or private healthcare delivery setting (or facility) where service delivery predominantly focuses on curative care. Or You are a Senior Health Manager working in a rural Health Service. Where service delivery can be varied and difficult and you are wanting to move away from an acute care model to a Primary Health Care Model. As a health service manager, you are responsible for writing a change management plan addressing the following; A clearly defined context of change – a brief description of the organizational setting being considered which could be your work place or organization whose context you are well conversant with. A clearly defined need for the change i.e. problems and issues needing change or improvement; importance of considering change for these problems and issues A clearly defined intended change (type of change and what needs to be changed) Map the process of change which you will employ and outline how you will manage the change process as well as resistance to change Techniques you will use for sustaining the change and stimulating innovation. 

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