Celebrity Synthesis

Celebrities s are not entitled to the same privacy as normal citizens because they are dollied so much by socio TTY, play a huge ole in determining the social norms of the community, and sacrificed a right t o privacy in exchange for fame. Celebrities are dollied by countless people, made up mostly of the younger g enervation, and are often viewed as role models. This makes it only right for their private I ivies to be made known to the individuals who hold them in such high regard. The way people live their private lives does tell us things that can help to make judgments about them. ” (Sour CE E) A peek into the lives of their favorite stars allows fans to see how these celebrities really a CT and behave, ether than the image they attempt to portray. This enables individuals to ma eke the proper judgments as to whether or not to continue to idealize that particular star. W hen a celebrity has “lied about or deceptively omitted” (Source A) something, they “cannot then c nominal when the Richards 2 truth becomes known. (Source A) If celebrities are going to pose as role mod else, especially for the younger population, the fact that their private lives will have to be shared must be accepted. These stars are public figures that play a huge role in determining the social n arms of society. In recent decades, “Celebrities have become the chief agents of moral change in the united states. : (Source C) justifying their lack of privacy. People base their moor alls and behavior on the way celebrities act and carry themselves.
Society has “populated [their] lives with celebrities… Whose stories we eagerly weave into our own lives. ” (Source C) Of ten celebrities use their personal lives to further their career and so “cannot object when others question whether their carefully scripted images are accurate. : (Source B) In order to continue t hold celebrities in such high regard, individuals must have access to the truth behind these image sees. Without a look into the personal lives Of celebrities, society WOUld not know who these stars t rule were.
People would base their lives on the public image portrayed by these stars rather that n on the character of these role models. Thus access to the secret lives of celebrities allows society to determine whose morals are true and can be followed and held in high regard. It is common knowledge how intrusive the media can be when it comes to cell verities, and hose who came into fame were well aware that from that moment on their p riveter lives would no longer belong to just them.


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