DUE TONIGHT AT 9PM250 WORDS MINIMUMIn what ways is Confucianism democratic? How would Confucius respond to the democratic dictum that “all people are created equal?”cite your sourcesPolitical Science

Report 5 Science

global issues current event

-SUBJECT TO USE: war on drugs and how it effects the african american communityuse some info from ch.12 global crime, cyber crime, human trafficking and ch.9 (attached)-Book to use:  Global Issues 5th Edition, Richard J. Payne. Pearson, 2017. ISBN-13: 9780134202051-MLA formatLength – No more than 2 pages. My recommendation would be at least 1 page. […]

Short paper on Weakest branch of the government

Alexander Hamilton labeled the judiciary as the “least dangerous branch,” due to its lack of powers in comparison with the executive and legislative branches. Do you agree with Hamilton’s assessment, or has the authority of the judiciary been comparable with the other two branches?Write a short paper in which you present and defend your assessment […]

Understanding Institutionalized Discrimination and Racism

FIRST: Listen to this 35 minute program: (Links to an external site.)SECOND: View these maps of redlining in the Bay Area: (Links to an external site.)THIRD: Answer the following two questions:1. What struck you the most about what you heard in the program? Answer in 2+ detailed paragraphs.2. Based on your knowledge of housing prices and public […]

Provide a reply to the post below.

“John  Conger, the Pentagon’s deputy under secretary of defense for  installations and environment, said in a statement. “We are actively  integrating climate considerations across the full spectrum of our  activities to ensure a ready and resilient force.”’ (Davenport, 2014).  The US defense community has recognized, that to stay ahead, they must  begin to incorporate green […]

Final Writing Assignment (Politics)

This requires you to reread the material posted in Content for this course as well as insights from additional readings to provide specific examples and explanations.Each answer should be detailed.  Indicate the sources of ideas you use.  If you make a claim or a general statement, support it with evidence from your readings and research.Structure […]