The endangered dusky gopher frog, a darkly colored, moderately sized frog with warts covering its back and dusky spots on its belly. Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Reuters Amid all the hand-wringing about a polarized Supreme Court, note Tuesday’s unanimous decision for regulatory sanity. The case concerned whether a frog’s “critical habitat” can include land […]


In this class we have identified as one of our objectives the ability to fully engage, in critical ways, popular culture and its influence upon our political selves, our political sensibilities.  With our focus on “deep differences” we find ourselves examining both documentary and feature-length film texts. In 300-500 words share whether or not you […]

Democracy And Difference—–Critical Review1– POL SC

TOTAL have 4 critical review about POL SC. I will choose two person to write it . For this critical review, it has 5 places that you need to write down. Assignment Objectives:  Enhance and/or improve critical thinking and media literacy skills by: 1. Developing a clear and concise thesis statement (an argument) in response […]

POL- 1-2 Discussion: Division Of Power

Considering the American experience and dissatisfaction with an all-powerful national government during colonialism and the lack of cohesion and national power under the Articles of Confederation, discuss how the U.S. Constitution creates a balance between state and national governments as well as a division of powers among the various branches of government. In responding to […]

Political science 115

use book American government senior contributing author glen klutz university of oklahoma openstax     i need a response  to this question in app formate  and then two replies to this question as well Week 1 Objectives In Week 1, we are learning about the philosophical background of the US Constitution and how the American system of government […]

task 5

In this American Politics course, · Identify at least two ideas you have gleaned from this course that you consider useful. · Provide a brief rationale for each of these ideas as to why you think they are the most valuable to you. Include references to the thinking habits, learning experiences, and content knowledge you have […]

task 3 and 4

Read Chapter 14: The Judicial System Where the Executive and Legislative branches are elected by the people, members of the Judicial Branch are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.  Article III of the Constitution, which establishes the Judicial Branch, leaves Congress significant discretion to determine the shape and structure of the federal […]

task 1 and 2

Answer 5 Questions Below: Answers for each questions should be roughly 100 words, or one paragraph, in length. Please write in full sentence format and use your own words. 1. Define what is meant by “agency point of view.” Why do bureaucrats tend to have an agency point of view? 2. Compare and contrast the […]

Political Science Essay

Analyze the development of political parties in the United States since the Founding by discussing each of the five distinctive party systems prior to the current one in American history. In your essay, be sure to highlight the origins of today’s two major political parties. 2 pages only  APA style must use in-line citations Double spaced […]