Unit 3 Study Questions Chapter 7 1. Nietzsche announces the death of God in a parable about a. A madman holding a lantern b. A lonely prophet walking the earth c. Jesus d. A desert hermit living in a cave 2. The madman’s proclamation that “God is dead” refers to the fact that a. He […]

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1) We are shifting our focus this week to the beginning of life and our obligations to future children. This week we are discussing obligations to children-to-be (fetuses intended to have) and pregnant women’s rights as citizens. Our readings focus on the specific case of Melissa Rowland, but as I discuss in my notes, that […]

Philosophy homework help

Mind-Body Problem Compare and Contrast Aristotle, Descartes, Searle, and Percy on the Nature of the Mind and Body in the context of the Mind-Body Problem. How do they/might they solve it? Can any of their positions offer a compelling solution to the Mind-Body Problem?[1] What exactly is the mind-body problem? How do each of their positions come […]

Philosophy homework help

The film for this unit is Lost in Translation. Please watch the film and post a reflection (aim for around 500 words) to our forum. You can either address the open ended the film critique prompt: A brief overview of the reading(s):What is the central philosophical issue or theme? What were the primary topics of discussion?  What […]

Terrorism in America: Coping as a Citizen Paper

Terrorism in America: Coping as a Citizen Paper The topic for this research proposal is Terrorism in America: Coping as a Citizen Please find the rubric attached. Please review the research proposal template located in the lesson section of the class. Submit your First Draft by no later than Sunday of week 5. Late submissions […]

Philosophical Theories Assignment Paper

Philosophical Theories Assignment Paper We have discussed various philosophical theories on the question of what is the nature of reality. When it comes to explaining reality, many people today subscribe to either some kind of Materialism or some kind of Dualism. Materialism where all of reality is composed of, or explained solely in terms of, material or physical stuff and […]

Ethical Theory Paper

Ethical Theory Paper ETHICAL THEORY PAPER:  An ethical theory paper will be for the purpose of examining one of the particular ethical theories that will be discussed in class ( feminist ethics ). The student will be asked to analyze the argument presented in a particular theory and make explicit the salient points, considering how those […]

Argument Mapping Assignment Paper

Argument Mapping Assignment Paper 7. Select the argument below that has the following map: ①        ②         ③             ④ └──────┘ ↘︎            ↙︎ ⑤ The city is planning to repair the railway tracks on this line every weekend until Christmas. Whenever the railway tracks are being repaired, there are substantial delays. When there are substantial delays on the railway, it […]

ACR201 Issues in Criminal Justice Paper

ACR201 Issues in Criminal Justice Paper This assessment task is designed to get you thinking about which criminological issues interest you most. The task requires students to identify a criminal justice issue of interest and write a short critical reflection on that issue by answering 4 set questions: 1) What is the criminal justice issue […]

Euthanasia Dilemma Arguments Paper

Euthanasia Dilemma Arguments Paper Summarize one of the euthanasia dilemma arguments–you can choose either Donnell, Matzo or Bogucki–briefly and note why or why not this is a good argument either for or against medical triage? Make sure you also state your understanding of the definition of triage. After considering Shapiro (2020) NPR story, “People with […]