U.S. health care system

Discuss how the U.S. health care system is evolving and the short- and long-term effects of forecasted changes. – Describe the principal drivers of change that will take place in the health system over the next 10 years. – What are some of your best ideas to improve quality and contain costs going forward?

U.S. health care system delivery.

Write 6-7 non-formatted power points slides on: – Present a clear and concise problem statement including why systems change is needed in the U.S. health care system delivery. – After analyzing the issues in health systems delivery, discuss what role the government plays in correcting the issues. Use peer reviewed Journal within 5years

healthcare informatics technology trend:

Investigate a healthcare informatics technology trend: Identify the trend Provide an overview of how the trend’s technology functions and what it is used for. Discuss what the technology replaced and how nursing is better for the change Discuss how the technology trend will impact nursing knowledge and/or practice. Identify both hardware and software requirements if […]

Discussion: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Family Settings Versus Individual Settings

Individual vs. Family CBT Cognitive behavioral therapy is short-term psychotherapy that emphasizes the need for attitude change in order to maintain and promote behavior modification (Nichols, 2014). Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) has been found to be effective in a broad range of disorders. CBT can be done as an individual treatment or in a family […]

Using The Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Continuum

Assignment: Application: Using the Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Continuum Have you ever gone online to search for a journal article on a specific topic? It is amazing to see the large number of journals that are available in the health care field. When you view the library in its entirety, you are viewing untapped data. Until you actually […]

The Role Of A Nurse Leader As A Knowledge Worker.

Reflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work as presented in the Resources. Consider a hypothetical scenario based on your own healthcare practice or organization that would require or benefit from the access/collection and application of data. Your scenario may involve a patient, staff, or management problem or gap. NURS 6051N 1. In this […]

Family Focused Assessment

Develop an interview questionnaire to be used in a family-focused functional assessment. The questionnaire must include three open-ended, family-focused questions to assess functional health patterns for each of the following: Values/Health Perception Nutrition Sleep/Rest Elimination Activity/Exercise Cognitive Sensory-Perception Self-Perception Role Relationship Sexuality Coping Select a family, other than your own, and seek permission from the […]


Hypothyroidism SOAP NOTE Patient Initials: Age:  Gender: SUBJECTIVE DATA: Chief Complaint (CC): “ ”. History of Present Illness (HPI): Medications: Allergies: Past Medical History (PMH): Current medication: Past Surgical History (PSH): Family History: Personal/Social History: Immunization: up to date. Lifestyle: Review of Systems: General: HEENT: Neck: Breasts: Respiratory: Cardiovascular/Peripheral Vascular: Gastrointestinal: Genitourinary: Musculoskeletal: Psychiatric: Neurological […]

Picot Question Paper

Does hourly rounding help to prevent falls? Population/patient: stroke patients Intervention: hourly rounding Comparison: Current practice Outcome: decrease falls Time: 8-12 weeks Purpose This assignment provides the opportunity for the student to continue work on a previously identified area or phenomenon of interest related to their MSN specialty track. Week Two’s assignment builds upon the […]