Select a non-chain/non-brand hospitality, travel or tourism business (individual hotel, single restaurant, bakery, night club, brewery, winery, distillery), travel company (regional/charter airline – not a mainline carrier, yacht service – not a cruise line, tour operator, individual travel agency – not an OTA) or tourism organization’s (CVB, DMO, local attraction – not Disney or Universal) […]

MKT10007 Fundamentals of Marketing

MKT10007 Fundamentals of Marketing     Assignment 4: Marketing Strategy Report; Targeting, Positioning and the Marketing Mix – Task Description + Template + Rubric   Assignment 4: Individual Report recommending a Marketing strategy, Word limit*: 2,000 (+/- 10% = MIN 1,800 to MAX 2,200 words). We want everyone to get their best result for Assignment 4. So […]

Consumer Behavior

analyze each of the advertisements in detail by using the following concepts in consumer psychology and buyer behavior 1) Consumer learning (1.5 pages) 2) Attitude formation and change (1.5 pages) 3) Social and cultural Settings (1.5 pages) 4) Summarize the advertising strategy used for this product (1 page) 5)Suggest how to improve the advertisements based […]

Case 6 (Forster’s Market).

CASE STUDY FORSTER’S MARKET   Introduction   Forster’s Market is a retailer of specialty food items, including premium coffees, imported crackers and cheeses, and the like. Last year Forster’s sold 14,400 pounds of coffee. Forster’s pays a local supplier $3 per pound and then sells the coffees for $7 a pound. The Roaster Decision While […]


Assignment Instructions Use headings and show the question and answer for each. Write in paragraphs, do not double space, a single space between paragraphs only. Submission must be typed and submitted via the D2L dropbox established for it. Video cases Case 7.1 – Power of Like Answer the 3 questions. This case uses the […]

Marketing Case Analysis On Airbnb:

Discuss the following: 1) briefly summarize the key marketing strategy issues in the case that are still relevant TODAY in addition to contemporary issues you find via research; 2) make thorough recommendations on how the issues should be handled; 3) provide a justification for the recommendations. The case analysis should be  approached as if you are […]

Corporate Strategic Analysis Report.

  The module is assessed (100%) by an individual Strategic Report (maximum 3,000 words) involving an in-depth, strategic analysis of a large organisation. The subject of the report will be decided by the module convenor but students will be able to choose from a list of 6 varied examples. Instructions for assessment  The Strategic Report should […]

Understanding Target Markets Assignment Steps  To develop effective relationship marketing, a company must first understand its targeted consumers’ buying influences and behaviors. In Week 2, create the Research section of your plan. Create the research section of your marketing plan in minimum of 700 words. Include at least 3 elements of the Research List of Topics (see […]

case W94C01 August 1, 2014

case W94C01 August 1, 2014 Amazon in Emerging Markets In the spring of 2014,, Inc. (“Amazon”), saw its chief competitor in China, Alibaba Group, file documents with the SEC for an initial public offering that could be one of the largest in history, its main competitor in Brazil, MercadoLibre, sustained an approximate 40% loss […]

Situational Analysis On Ritz-Carlton

1. Strategic positioning of the company/organization, vision/mission statement and strategic goals; 2. The current targeting market (e.g., market size, profile of users – both demographics and psychographics); 3. Analyze the marketing situation (internal and external); 4. SWOT analysis results. BSBMKG413 – Promote products and services   Page | 8 BSBMKG413 – Promote products and services […]