Final Project – Written Presentation

Select a non-chain/non-brand hospitality, travel or tourism business (individual hotel, single restaurant, bakery, night club, brewery, winery, distillery), travel company (regional/charter airline – not a mainline carrier, yacht service – not a cruise line, tour operator, individual travel agency – not an OTA) or tourism organization’s (CVB, DMO, local attraction – not Disney or Universal) […]

Under Armour Case Study

I. Full Strategic Analysis  Appendix 1) Specify in detail the strategy Under Armour is currently using and has used for the most recent period of “stability” (e.g. the past ten years) • Which of the 5 Competitive Business Strategies (Porter’s Generic strategies) does under armour use? • Identify the important complementary strategic options, corporate & functional strategies, timing choices, etc. under […]

Marketing Homework

272 Chapter | 10 Services and Other Intangibles: Marketing the Product That Isn’t There Real People Profiles A Decision Maker at the Philadelphia 76ers Lara Price is senior vice president of busi- ness operations for the Philadelphia 76ers professional basketball team. When Lara was elevated to vice president of market- ing in August 1998, she […]

Toyota Prius Marketing Plan

Marketing Paper (30 points)- Marketing 3401 CSUEB   Write a 2000-2500 word Marketing Plan. Choose a product or service you are familiar with. You can use a company you work for, a company you admire or any other company you are interested in. Summarize the company and the product (or service) you will be covering […]

Marketing Company Case Study   Case studies present an account of what happened to a business, an industry or an individual over a period of time. The purpose of the case study is to let students analyze the critical marketing issues facing the organization and present solutions based on the marketing concepts learned in class. […]


MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS   1.  At one time, firms scattered their marketing efforts (a “shotgun” approach) to reach consumers.  Today, a firm is more likely to use: a.  a “bazooka” approach, where special effects are used to “explode” into the buyer’s consciousness. b.  a “knife” approach, where the firm tries to “cut” to the most important product advantage. c.  a […]

Walt Disney Company Case Study And Strategic Plan

Read the Walt Disney Company case, and from the perspective of an executive with the firm, prepare a  strategic plan to grow the business over the next three years. Your strategic plan must be future-oriented and include the following: A critique of the company’s mission statement based on the article ‘Mission Statements (Links to an external site.)Links to […]

Compare Contrast PharmaSim Mktg Team Reports Against My Team B Report

First read the reports of the three other teams that participated in PharmaSim (in Doc Sharing area). Then write a quick summary of each team’s strategy (INCLUDING your own). Finally, compare and contrast your team’s strategy with the other three groups’ and identify improvements for each (yours and theirs).   I have attached the two […]


Im looking for someone with experince in supply chain managment and professional at his work im looking to solve a  CASE STUDY FOR SUPPLY CHAIN AND MANAGMENT by monday 5:00 P.M i attached everything from guideline of the case to the questions of the case   please review the material first and let me know […]

MKT- 4-2 Presentation: Marketing Channel Analysis

Learning Objectives Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: Examine how the choice of marketing strategy affects channel choice Explain channel marketing strategies used to appeal to consumers Identify major channel options for companies Module Reading and Resources Presentation: Marketing Concept Glossary IV Module-related marketing concepts and terms are presented. Visit the glossary […]