Question 3 Unit 1 Assessment Probation And Parole

BCJ 3150, Probation and Parole 1 Course Learning Outcomes for Unit I Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to: 6. Analyze the impact of rehabilitation in probation and parole. 6.1 Examine the various reasons for the increased use of community supervision. 6.2 Explain rehabilitation, specific deterrence theory, and restorative justice. 6.3 Analyze […]

Week 8 For Magz64

Week 8 Case Questions Select TWO court cases (from different chapters) from the list below, and respond in writing to the case questions. Dillon v. Champion Jogbra (Ch 18, p 672) Dorshkind v. Oak Park Place of Dubuque II (Ch 18, p 681) Lockheed Martin v. Administrative Review Board (Ch 18, p 689) Lane v. Franks […]

Evaluate a Commercial Lease

Think about a time you have rented property in the past. For example, you may have rented an apartment, rehearsal space, or storage space. Perhaps you remember the huge document you signed called a lease? Most likely, that document was over 20 pages long, contained very small text, and was full of complex legal terms. […]

Criminal Justice Policy In Practice Evaluation Proposal

Prepare an evaluation proposal (including anticipated results) for criminal justice policy or program in your area of interest. Create a 14- to 16-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes. The proposal should include: Topic is “Evaluating The Current Florida Domestic Violence Policy“. A title of proposed study Abstract (maximum of 150 word summary of entire proposal) A background section, including a description of […]

Criminal Procedure

Case Summary: In a narrative format, brief the Dred Scott case: detail the facts, issues and court holdings. 2. Case Analysis: What effect did the passage of 14th Amendment have on the precedential value of the decision in the Dred Scott case? 3. Case Analysis: Compare and contrast the three rights conferred on national citizens by the 14th Amendment 4. Executive Decisions: If […]

Multiple Choice Law Question

The elements of negligence are: A. Breach, damages, causation B. Duty, breach, causation C. Breach, injury, damages D. Duty, damages, injury Q U E S T I O N 2 10 points Save AnswerSave Answer Free speech is: A. The right to express yourself without government intervention, in any way you want B. Expression without […]

Issues In Criminal Justice Discussion

)  After reading the material found at the links in the Course Schedule for Week Six, use the internet to find at least one related scholarly article pertaining to a current issue in Criminal Justice from an authoritative source that confirms, or dis-confirms, any key concepts in the readings.  Upload a copy of the article you […]

law assignment

Assignment Question: Ranjit decides to travel from England to France for his holidays. He buys a ticket at the port to travel by sea with Cross Channel Ferries (CCF). Without reading it, he places the ticket in his pocket for safety. As Ranjit boards the ferry, he slips on a surface still wet from the […]

Portfolio 1

Instructions   As you go through this specific course, you are getting the very high view of concepts that typically are a discipline in and of themselves. In order to help tie these together in a fashion that you may be able to use in your immediate life, I have put together this assignment. Portfolio […]

CJS 245 Future Of The Juvenile Justice System Powerpoint

You are a juvenile justice consultant creating a proposal that will be presented to the state legislature concerning the future of the juvenile justice system. Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, detailing your proposal. Address recommendations for all aspects of the system, including: Community involvement Law enforcement Courts and sentencing Corrections Include a justification […]