Primary Source Investigation Paper One

Primary Source Investigation Paper One I would like you to read and analyze the following collection of documents. Then in a short paper 3-5 (typed single spaced) pages in length. I would like you to make a claim and argue your position backed with evidence from this information packet and the Arthur Schlesinger article only. […]

The Bill Of Rights

The Bill of Rights After reading the Bill of Rights discuss the specific articles as to which is the most relevant for the times in which it was written and for today? If they are different why are they different? Which of the Articles do you think should be rewritten to fit the exigencies of […]


Part 1: If subject matter is what is being depicted in a work of art, what is the subject of non-representational works such as Blue, Orange, Red by Mark Rothko (p. 436) and Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollock (page 434 in your text)? What is Donald Judd communicating in his piece titled 100 untitled works in mill aluminum? What […]

Exam 7 Question 1 of 40 2.5 Points Where did the Khitans establish their capital?       A. Hunan     B. Canton     C. Tokyo     D. Beijing p314   Question 2 of 40 2.5 Points   Which of the following did NOT occur during the Tang dynasty?       […]

Pop Art And Andy Warhol PPT

Resources: Review Ch. 7 of Oxford History of Art: Twentieth-Century American Art, and at least one additional scholarly online or library resource. Prepare a 5- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you examine the connection between the work of Andy Warhol and popular culture. Include responses and discussion of the following in your presentation: An overview of Andy Warhol’s biography […]

American Studies

book:   Sinclair book( the jungle)  Sketch the context for, define, and tell the significance/after-effect of each, in terms of late-19th & early-20th-century American history & culture: Short essay: “second wave” of U.S. immigration (1840s-1921) Taylorism vs. “speeding-up the gang” & pacemakers (1880s-1930s) “embalmed beef”, “potato flour” & “patent medicines” Socialist Party (1901+)/”wage slavery” “Melting Pot” […]

Art Museum – Ancient Greek Olympics

We need to talk about the AA.4 paper.  I have received a few papers and I have come to the conclusion that the way the instructions are written is confusing a lot of you. (Academic directions can be confusing) So let me try to simplify what is expected of you in this paper.   !. The […]

income inequality

Many observers argue that income inequality has grown dramatically in the US over the past thirty years. Who has gained? Who has lost? Why has the upper 5% of American households made out so well? How much of the national income and wealth now goes to the top 1%? How does Richard Wolff explain the […]

Hist 162 Week2

Brian S. Bauer and R. Alan Covey, “Processes of State Formation in the Inca Heartland (Cuzco, Peru),” American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 104, No. 3 (Sept., 2002), pp. 846-864 check attachment And then discuss: How does the story described in the essay you chose relate to the theme of isolationism and the fate of civilizations? That […]

Hum 106 Week 9 Discussion 1

Compare and contrast the works of a representative artist of New Realism with a representative artist of Europe’s Pop Art, highlighting the media, objects, and the possible intent of the artist in the specific work. Select a representative artist from Chapter 22 and classify the style of his / her work, explain the influences on […]