Geology Homework

1. Which of the following was so unusual about the Oso landslide?     Select one: a. Debris and dirt in the 600 ft high slope spread for an entire mile across the valley b. The seismic signal for the event indicated 2 phases of flow c. Covered a 1-mile wide stretch of HWY 530 […]

Digital Poster On Climate Refugees

Important Notes This assignment is worth 100 points. All poster must contain the following elements: the title of your poster (think in terms of what will make someone want to come and read your poster) and the author’s name. Your objective for your topic (Why is the topic important? What impact could it have on our lives?) Data that addresses the topic […]


Materials: ( as a reference. Rock pictures available in in the Google folder “Pictures for Rocks Lab” Part 1 – Igneous Rocks 1. The texture of igneous rock is typically described as phaneritic, aphanitic, glassy, or vesicular.  Briefly describe what each of these textures means, and how it relates to the rate of cooling to form the rock. […]

HW4: Rock Report

Learning Goals: Describe an unfamiliar igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rock using terms learned in this class Resource: HW4: Rock Report Submission: via Canvas Quiz (next page) Instructions: Complete the homework. You may talk among yourselves about different strategies, but you may NOT copy answers from other students (this won’t help you anyway since each student will […]

Topographic Maps

HW5:Topographic Maps Learning Goals: Explain how elevation is described on a topographic map with contour lines Estimate the elevation of any point on a topographic map Identify areas that are steeply sloped or gently sloped on a topographic map Identify the shape of land forms on a topographic map, including whether slopes are concave-up or […]


Research and share a geography-related current event found in the popular media (print newspapers like the Washington Post, magazines, and/or online websites such as National Geographic or Science Daily).  News stories with geography-related content can include anything related to weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, record snowfalls or temperature, etc), natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc), […]

Phylogenetic Tree

Draw a phylogenetic tree of  16 organisms (will be provided) clearly labeled with a picture of each organism.

Earthquakes And Volcanoe Exam

Study Guide Exam 2 1. Hazard Analysis and Mitigation – Resilience 2. Interior Structure of the Earth – Crust, Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mantle, Core – Continental crust vs. oceanic crust – Density contrasts – Seismic discontinuities – Major boundaries in the Earth – Seismic wave shadows – Seismic reflection and refraction – Tomography 3. Intraplate Earthquakes […]


                                                             ALUMINIUM · What is it? (A rock, a mineral, etc.) · Where is it found geologically? (Near a volcano, from a petrified swamp, etc.) · Where is it found geographically? (North America, northern Africa, the deep ocean, etc.) · How do we get it? (Mining, fracking, drilling, etc.  Be specific about the techniques that are used!) · What […]

Discussion Form Question

MODULE 6 Discussion Forum In this module the topic is conservation and the social sciences. It should be apparent by now that as social scientists, anthropologists are going to examine conservation in terms of explicit and implicit cultural and social issues. Some take this mandate further than others. Kottak (1999) for example has argued that […]