Firm Project

ASSIGNMENTS (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Group project (Group effort) The goal of the project is to evaluate the competitive advantage of a firm by analyzing a company of your choice and how the company competes in an industry. It can be an industry you want to learn more about and/or a company you want to work […]

New Venture Creation

Discuss some of the characteristics of a “High-Performance culture.” How will you incorporate this type of culture into your business plan? Discuss some aspects of your organization (in terms of its structure) that will be mandatory for your new venture to succeed. How can you create a shared vision and culture of “Teamwork and Success” […]

MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS -Incremental Analysis And Capital Budgeting

38. A major accounting contribution to the managerial decision-making process in evaluating possible courses of action is to a. assign responsibility for the decision. b. provide relevant revenue and cost data about each course of action. c. determine the amount of money that should be spent on a project. d. decide which actions that management […]

Canadian-based mining company El Dorado Gold

1. Canadian-based mining company El Dorado Gold​ (EGO) suspended its dividend in March 2016 as a result of declining gold prices and delays in obtaining permits for its mines in Greece. Suppose you expect EGO to resume paying annual dividends in two years​ time, with a dividend of ​$0.75 per​ share, growing by 2.8% per […]


CARREFOUR S.A Synopsis and Objectives   In August 2002, the French retail giant Carrefour S.A. is considering alternative currencies for raising (euros) EUR750 million in the eurobond market. Carrefour’s investment bankers provide various borrowing rates across four different currencies. Despite the high nominal coupon rate and the lack of any material business activity in the […]


Analyzing Project Cash Flows 12.1 Identifying Incremental Cash Flows (pgs. 380–382) 12.2 Forecasting Project Cash Flows (pgs. 383–389) 12.3 Inflation and Capital Budgeting (pgs. 389–390) 12.4 Replacement Project Cash Flows (pgs. 390–394) Objective 1. Identify incremental cash flows that are relevant to project valuation. Objective 3. Evaluate the effect of inflation on project cash flows. […]

TexMex Food Company Is Considering A New Salsa Whose Data Are Shown Below.

Problem #1: TexMex Food Company is considering a new salsa whose data are shown below.  The equipment to be used would be depreciated by the straight-line method over its 3-year life and would have a zero salvage value, and no change in net operating working capital would be required.  Revenues and other operating costs are expected to be […]

Read the article titled “The Perils and Pitfalls of Leading Change”

Instructions: What lessons have been learned from the simulation conducted this week?  How did bias play a role in the decision-making regarding how to resolve the main problem in the case? Write up your response in no more than three double-spaced pages. This is a simulation activity. Here are some more details about it: Decision-making […]


Read the article titled “The Perils and Pitfalls of Leading Change”  (SEE ATTACHMENT) Next, analyze the change that was implemented by Daniel Oliveira. Synthesize the change based on Kotter’s eight (8) steps for leading change. Determine if Oliveira followed the Kotter model. Select one (1) of the steps to assess and determine if Oliveira accomplished […]