Classify Each Pollutant Based On The Category That Best Describes Its Impact On Waterways. Categories: Toxic Chemicals Pathogens And…

Classify each pollutant based on the category that best describes its impact on waterways. Categories: Toxic chemicals Pathogens and waterborne diseases Thermal pollution Nutrient pollution Sediment Pollutants: Acid drainage from an abandoned coal mine Herbicide from a soccer field Medical waste from a hospital dumped in an illegal location Frigid water from the bottom of […]

Industrial And Hazardous Waste Management

This unit has assessed engineering principles applicable to industrial and hazardous waste management. Steps were evaluated for an adsorption system design using engineering principles and presenting engineering calculations for waste treatment. The steps in the lesson were accomplished by the required reading of an article describing laboratory adsorption tests for lead and zinc removal. The […]

Environmental Science

Research the economic and environmental impacts of geothermal energy. Summarize the environmental and economic impacts of the leases evaluated in your chosen chapter with a 1,050- to 1,400-word report. This report must communicate the environmental and economic impacts of the proposed geothermal leases to local stakeholders and to members of the American public. Identify the community members […]


1.Question DetailsMy Notes Question Part Submissions Used      Earth’s magnetic field is generated by: A. Earth’s inner core B. Earth’s outer core    C. Earth’s inner mantle D. Earth’s asthenosphere E. Earth’s lithosphere Your work in question(s) 6, 7, 10 will also be submitted or saved. 2.Question DetailsMy Notes Question Part Submissions Used     Select all that […]

Week 5 Discussion Nature Experience Project

Throughout this course, we have been exploring environmental issues and challenges, such as fresh drinking water scarcity and biodiversity loss.  But what would our own lives be like without nature?  How might nature experiences benefit us? In this activity you are asked to spend time in nature, record experiences, and then share your reflections with […]

FEMA Certs

IS-11.a: Animals in Disasters: Community Planning 1. Animals that have been exposed to hazardous materials present no danger to people. A. True B. False 2. The best disaster preparedness starts at which level? A. Local B. Personal C. Federal D. State 3. A legal agreement among two or more local jurisdictions that plan to assist […]

Mass Writing Multiple Choice Question

1. What type of mass movement event would most likely occur in Yosemite National Park, or any other place with exceptionally steep cliffs of solid bedrock? A. rock slump B. debris flow C. rock fall D. earth creep       2. Go to In 1996 Yosemite NP experienced a fatal mass movement event. What knocked […]

Discussion Board (Gen)

QUESTION 1 Look at the figure that Amelia found in Wired pertaining to antibiotics and the microbiota. What conclusions can you draw from this figure? QUESTION 2 Given the fact that Amelia found this article in an on-line pop-culture science magazine, do you believe the data presented? Do some research on the impact of antibiotics […]

Case Study- Evr Science

6 questions in total DUE TUESDAY MARCH 1ST AT 6PM ENVIROMENTAL SCIENCE- CASE STUDY   Part II 1. What is in some fish and shellfish that has caused the EPA and FDA to issue the restriction? 2. Why is there a restriction for pregnant women and young children, but not the rest of the population? […]

Legal Aspects Of Safety And Health

OSH 3525, Legal Aspects of Safety and Health 1   Course Description Legal Aspects of Safety and Health contains a comprehensive study of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act and the authority of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This course includes a review of employers’ legal responsibilities and proactive measures to ensure […]