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The proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) algorithm is widely adopted for closed-loop process control although the best tuning means for a PID loop to achieve optimal performance is still widely opened research and development. Most especially in industrial processes subjected to variations in process dynamic behaviors and parameters perturbations, consequently contributing to process instability. An improved control loop […]

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MATLAB Project ENEE 3533 Classical Control System Design Spring 2021 Matlab Project Compensator Design & Simulation Objective Your term project will be to design and simulate PI compensators for a control system using Matlab/Simulink (using Octave is also accepted). System Model FYI, a possible block diagram of a speed control scheme for a hybrid electric […]

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Topics Mechanical Engineering – IC Packaging ( 3D Packaging) Project Report Here are details, I also included the 1 reference lecture slide and project sample (but project sample is for different topic). I need 4 pages on this not including the reference page.  Mechanical Engineering homework help. Project#3 3D  Packaging Chip on Chip, Wafer on Wafer, Package […]

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 LO5: formulate part manufacturing process plans. 2. LO6: use a suitable CAD/CAM system to generate part NC machining programs and simulate its machining processes. 3. LO7: verify the machining processes and modify machining parameters. Engineering Assignment Help 4. LO8: present their findings in writing. Assignment Brief:  You are expected to research and answer the questions in […]

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This is an assignment for the Industrial Design of Mechanical Engineering. Given below is a mechanical type external swing clamp. When the driving piston at the bottom travels inwards it turns the spindle holding the linkages clockwise which in turn drives the right clamp anticlockwise left clamp clockwise to tighten against the job piece Consider […]

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Understand how to determine the average velocity from a knowledge of velocity profile, and average temperature from a knowledge of temperature profile in internal flow Have a visual understanding of different flow regions in internal flow:  ORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HERE the entry and the fully developed flow regions the hydrodynamic and thermal entry lengths […]

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The benefits of ITIL Service Lifecycle to a Service The ITIL framework is based around the IT Service Lifecycle.  The lifecycle commences at the identification of a need for an IT service and progresses through to operations and continual improvement.  Describe the benefits to an organization of applying the IT Service Lifecycle to a proposed […]

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Design and development of a Screw Cap Opening Device. Design and develop a cap opening device for different sizes of screw caps for bottles Scope: 1. Develop a design concept without the use of electrical power 2. To build and test the prototype  ORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HERE 3. Evidence of innovative design and prototype […]

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Use Of Lean Six Sigma In Aviation Industry Assignment Please check the attachments of term paper requirements and my topic briefinf with sample paper for reference ORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER NOW     Use Of Lean Six Sigma In Aviation Industry Assignment

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Computer Aided Project Question The project for Chemical Engineering, Mass Transfer Processes. I have attached the files that has the details for this project. ORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER NOW   Computer Aided Project Question